European Structural and Investment Fund Support

The project has been supported by European structural and investment funds, Operational Programme Prague – Growth Pole of the Czech Republic Priority Axis 3

This project is integrated into the appropriate priority axis and support of Operational programme Prague – competitiveness, included in the 12th call, priority axis 3 – Innovation and enterprise. This project complies with the priority axis 3. Innovations in enterprise and proceeds in its twelfth call. It fulfils the programme global aim and support area 3.3, in: Prague, competitiveness and innovation development of the city. The project meets all the key specific aims of the priority axis. Foremost in terms of long-term stabilisation and further development of the city attractiveness, as well as entrepreneurship attractiveness within the medical SW development in radiation, electrotherapy and electrotherapeutical devices. This project combines fields of research and development as requested by the conditions of the support.