Inntherm is thermodilution based system for quantification of cardiac shunts and other hemodynamic parameters.

Medical significance: Ventricular and atrial septal defects are two most frequent congenital structural heart diseases with shunts. Complex structural diseases with shunts are less frequent, however more severe. Correct on time indication for shunt closure is critical for patient life

Unmet need: Cheap, easy to do and accurate evaluation of severity of cardiac shunt is not available. Echocardiography and MRI are semiquantitative. Dye dilution is used less and less due to complexity, and toxicity of the dye. Oximetry is inaccurate, and complicated to perform. Indication for shunt closure is currently based on indirect figures, anecdotal evidence and personal experience. Possibility to miss the best time for surgery or catheter closure is very likely.

Solution: We developed a thermodilution based system capable of measuring severity of cardiac shunts. This easy to use and patient safe device consists of three parts:

  • Thermocouple probe - 4F size compatible probe with specially designed S -curved tip to ensure mid-flow measurement.
  • Communication Unit for connection the probe to computer.
  • Software for shunt measurement and patient database maintenance.

Status of development: Inntherm ® device has been widely tested and evaluated with high level of accuracy, and safety. It obtained CE Mark approval in 2016. It is now released in EU countries for selected centres performing SHD procedures via clinical registry. We will be expanding further in 2018, so please contact us, if you are interested.